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Hello, my name is Frankie. Welcome to my site. I am excited to share my knowledge about alternative energy options with you today. Our world’s reliance on fossil fuels can only come to an abrupt end, as this is a finite resource. Fossil fuels also have an incredibly harmful impact on the environment. I want to use this site to help people better understand the benefits of switching to alternative energy whenever possible. I will talk about the ease of making the switch in hopes of inspiring others to avoid using fossil fuels as much as possible. Thank you for coming to my site.

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Learning About Alternative Energy Options


Five Tips For Keeping Your Fuel Delivery Safe

Fuel deliveries need to be handled with care to both keep your property safe and prevent waste. Spilled or wasted fuel can cost you money and create a safety hazard. Also, careful thought needs to be put into the layout of your storage area so that your fuel remains safe until it is used. The following are five great safety tips for preparing for and managing fuel deliveries to your property:

2 Tips To Have Your Car's Smog Test Done More Quickly

Depending on where you live, there is a chance that you are required to have a smog test done on your vehicle each year. Even though you might understand the need for this type of test and might not mind having it done, you might be dreading the wait. After all, when you have a busy schedule, the last thing that you probably have extra time for is stopping at a smog testing station and waiting to have your test completed.

Got An Old Fallout Bunker? Here's How To Make It Truly Nuclear-Proof

During the age when the atomic bomb was in its infancy, people thought a fallout shelter was going to protect them. They knew so little about nuclear energy and explosions that they did not know their little bomb shelters in their backyards would never be enough to save them. These bomb shelters are now just a fun curiosity, and if you have one in your yard, you might enjoy escaping into it once in a while.

2 Hidden Dangers In Your Building That Will Make You Sick

If a lot of employees or yourself are getting sick a lot, there could be hidden dangers lurking around that you cannot see. Below are two of these dangers so you can take the steps to remove them. This is important, as these things can cause some serious health problems. Asbestos Approximately 4,800 people die each year in the United States as a result from lung cancer caused by asbestos exposure.

Make Every Mile Count: 3 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Diesel Fuel

If you're new to long-haul trucking, you need to make sure that you get every mile you can out of your diesel fuel. Poor fuel mileage increases your costs, which dramatically cuts into your bottom line. To improve your mileage, you need to take matters into your own hands. That means you need to find the best ways to improve your fuel mileage. Here are three simple steps you can take to get the most miles out of your diesel fuel.

Tips For Avoiding Pests And Diseases When Trimming Trees

Pruning itself rarely damages or injures a tree severely. The concern is after pruning, when the open wound may attract pests or disease organisms. This doesn't mean you should avoid pruning, though, as it is an important part of keeping your trees healthy. If you learn the following healthy tree tips, you can enjoy the benefits of pruning without any worry for disease or pests. Tip #1: Keep the tree healthy

Cleanup And Disposal Of Vomit - A Bio-Hazardous Waste

It is estimated that in the U.S, a single person might generate as much as 13 pounds of medical waste per year. This waste might contain a common symptom of many illnesses: vomit. While you may work in a medical facility and have been trained to handle it, it does still come with an icky factor and the 2014 transmission of Ebola to two nurses in the U.S. has served to emphasize that precautions are always necessary when handling fluids such as vomit.

Radon: What Is It, Is It In Your Home, And What To Do If It Is

Did you know that elevated levels of radon — a naturally occurring radioactive gas that can cause lung cancer — can be found in approximately one in every 15 homes in the United States? Because it has no smell, taste, or color, it's possible to have radon in your home without your knowledge. Learn more about radon, having your home inspected, and what to do if you find radon in your home.

The Do's And Don'ts Of Grease Trap Maintenance

Grease traps are designed to do exactly what their name indicates: safely trap all grease that's left over from cooking and keep it from getting into the public sewer line. These traps are usually found in large commercial kitchens where bigger volumes of grease are produced. In order to prevent fires, smells, and even pest problems, the grease trap needs to be properly cared for and regularly maintained. Here are a few things you should do to keep your kitchen's grease trap clean and a few things you should avoid doing in order to prevent problems from occurring.

Answering A Couple Of Questions About Having A Mouse Problem

Discovering that your home has mice can be a stressful realization to make, and it is something that many people will have to go through. In addition to creating unsanitary conditions, mice can also cause extensive damage to a home. Unfortunately, there are homeowners that may not be particularly well-informed about this common problem. After learning the answers to common questions about this issue, you will be better prepared to address it.

3 Ways To Protect Your Septic Drainage Field Summer

Here are three tips that will help you protect your septic drainage field this summer. Don't Oversaturate Your Drainage Field If you have grass planted over your drainage field, it is vital that you don't over water it and oversaturate your drainage field. You don't want to have standing water in your septic drainage field area. If you notice that the ground is mushy or standing water is present, reduce how frequently and how long you water the grass in your drainage area.

2 Things You Can Do To Keep Your New Septic System In Optimal Condition

Having a new septic system installed is a great way to increase your overall home value while ensuring the health and safety of everyone who is living in your household. Septic systems are private, convenient, and you get to maintain full control over their maintenance and performance. Once your new system is installed, it's important to take steps that will ensure optimal performance and minimize the need for repairs as time goes on.

Top Benefits Of Using Solar Panels For Your Energy Needs

If you have been thinking about using solar panels to run your home, you will want to check out the following benefits of doing so. Your Electric Bill Is Lower Sure, there is going to be an initial cost to purchase the solar panels and to have them installed if you are not able to install them on your own. However, this is an investment that will pay for itself over time.

Three Propane Storage Tips

Propane is commonly used to provide fuel for grills, heaters and torches. However, if you have only recently started using propane, you may not be sure of the best practices for storing it. Luckily, you can use the following few tips to help avoid some common mistakes. Keep Portable Tanks In A Covered Area Outside It is advisable to store your propane tanks outside to prevent accidental exposure to the fumes and fire hazards if there is a leak.

Renting A Dumpster While Replacing Your Roof

Replacing your home's roofing materials can create a lot of disposable waste. In order to quickly and easily get rid of unwanted roofing materials, it can be beneficial to invest in a dumpster rental while your home's roof is being replaced. Here are two tips you can use to ensure your rental experience is a positive one. 1. Calculate your disposal needs carefully before selecting a dumpster. Ideally, you will rent a dumpster that is large enough to accommodate all your roofing waste in a single load.

Knowing What To Recycle And Preparing Items For Recycling

Whether your city has a recycling service or you need to go to a local recycling facility to use their services, you need to know what you can recycle, as well as the proper way to prepare items for recycling.  Paper Products There are a large number of paper products that can be recycled. For one, cardboard boxes and cardboard containers can be recycled. You can also recycle newspapers, including glossy pages that are found in your newspapers.