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Hello, my name is Frankie. Welcome to my site. I am excited to share my knowledge about alternative energy options with you today. Our world’s reliance on fossil fuels can only come to an abrupt end, as this is a finite resource. Fossil fuels also have an incredibly harmful impact on the environment. I want to use this site to help people better understand the benefits of switching to alternative energy whenever possible. I will talk about the ease of making the switch in hopes of inspiring others to avoid using fossil fuels as much as possible. Thank you for coming to my site.

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Learning About Alternative Energy Options

Knowing What To Recycle And Preparing Items For Recycling

by Nathaniel Pearson

Whether your city has a recycling service or you need to go to a local recycling facility to use their services, you need to know what you can recycle, as well as the proper way to prepare items for recycling. 

Paper Products

There are a large number of paper products that can be recycled. For one, cardboard boxes and cardboard containers can be recycled. You can also recycle newspapers, including glossy pages that are found in your newspapers. Magazines, computer paper, and even paperback books are acceptable items to recycle. Paper products that should not be recycled include paper towels, tissues, toilet paper, or bags that used to contain pet food. 

To prepare your paper items for recycling you must remove any plastic inserts that are present in the box. If you are recycling pizza boxes, make sure the liners that held the pizza are taken out. Some recycling services will not even take pizza boxes because they tend to be damaged by grease. If there is any cardboard with food residue, it cannot be recycled, so be sure to remove all food residue before taking your paper products to be recycled. 

Metal Products

Popular home items made of metal can be recycled. They include aluminum cans that had soda, tin cans that contained food items, and aluminum tins or baking trays. Be sure that you rinse out your soda cans and then compact them as tight as possible to prepare them for recycling. Rinse out your food tins until they are free from food residue. The labels may remain on or off. Ensure that the aluminum trays are free from food residue. Now you know how to recycle all your metals! 

Glass Bottles

Not all city recycling services will recycle glass bottles, so check with your local recycling service before you put glass bottles in your curbside recycling. If the city doesn't accept glass, you can gather your glass separately and take it to a local recycling plant to be recycled. For glass bottles, you need to rinse them and remove the lids and ensure that they have dried out before you recycle them. Do not try to recycle items like mirrors or light bulbs. 

Recycling is a great way to help out the environment in an easy, non-time consuming manner. Just make sure that you know what to recycle and how to prepare it properly! Click here to continue reading about recycling services.