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Learning About Alternative Energy Options

Got An Old Fallout Bunker? Here's How To Make It Truly Nuclear-Proof

by Nathaniel Pearson

During the age when the atomic bomb was in its infancy, people thought a fallout shelter was going to protect them. They knew so little about nuclear energy and explosions that they did not know their little bomb shelters in their backyards would never be enough to save them. These bomb shelters are now just a fun curiosity, and if you have one in your yard, you might enjoy escaping into it once in a while. However, if you want to make your old bomb shelter truly nuclear-proof, here is how.

Hire Nuclear Shielding Experts

Nuclear shielding experts will come to your home, examine your bunker and determine what construction steps need to be taken to make your fallout bunker a truly nuclear-proof shelter. Usually nuclear shielding involves extra thick concrete with added substances that deter the absorption of radiation, as well as special metal shielding plates. The shielding expert will make a suggestion as to what type and how much of these shielding products should be added to your bunker. Then the construction begins.

Bolstering Your Bunker from the Outside

To nuke-proof your bunker from its exterior, contractors will clear away several feet of dirt from around the bunker's buried walls. This will expose the whole of your bunker's sides, front entrance, roof and back wall. Then the metal shielding is bolted onto the exterior. Next, vertical wall molds are erected so that the contractor can use the special concrete to pour and create thicker walls all the way around your shelter. This special concrete not only blocks the heat and radiation of a nuclear blast, but also absorbs the sound vibrations and blast waves that would have otherwise obliterated the original walls of the bunker.

Bolstering the Bunker from Inside

If your fallout shelter is quite large, you could bolster the walls from the inside too. Using the same techniques and approaches used to protect and reinforce the walls from the outside, the interior walls become the strong, durable blocking forces you need in the event of a holocaust. However, you will have to contend with a slightly smaller bunker, which means you will have to be more selective in who can hunker down in your bunker with you in the event that there is a full-blown nuclear war. It is also important to note that you should not put any sort of holes in the wall for fold-down beds or braces for shelves (as they did in the forties, fifties and sixties) because it will create weak points in the protective shielding. Radiation could sneak through or a blast could cause the walls to crack around the holes you put there.