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Learning About Alternative Energy Options

3 Ways To Protect Your Septic Drainage Field Summer

by Nathaniel Pearson

Here are three tips that will help you protect your septic drainage field this summer.

Don't Oversaturate Your Drainage Field

If you have grass planted over your drainage field, it is vital that you don't over water it and oversaturate your drainage field. You don't want to have standing water in your septic drainage field area. If you notice that the ground is mushy or standing water is present, reduce how frequently and how long you water the grass in your drainage area. Excessive water in your drainage area can prove problematic for your septic tank.

Be Carefully About What You Plant In Your Drainage Field

In the summertime, it is natural to want to spruce up your yard with new landscaping. Be careful about what you plant in your drainage field. 

The best thing to plant in your drainage area are plants that have shallow root systems. Grass provides a great cover for your drainage field; grass covers it up and the roots are not too long. You can also plant summer flowers, such as petunias and marigolds, in your drainage field. 

You should not apply fertilizer over your drainage field. The fertilizer can sink into the ground and compromise the chemical balance of your septic system. 

Do not plant things with deep root systems such as big shrubs and trees. The roots can get into your septic system and cause damage to it. Try to keep trees and shrubs far away from your septic field in order to ensure that it is protected. 

Don't go too crazy with your landscaping near your drainage field. When your tank needs to be pumped or inspected, you'll have to dig up that area to access your septic tank. 

Avoid Parking On Your Drainage Field

If you have any big parties or events, make sure that you do not allow people to park in the area where your drainage field is located. The weight of the vehicles, even if only temporary, can compact your soil and crush your septic lines, resulting in serious damage to your septic system that you don't need. 

You also should not store any large items on top of your drainage field, such as boats or motor homes. These can also cause damage to the field. 

Try to locate parking, seating and games for any party you have at your house away from your drainage field. You don't want to compact the soil more than necessary in that area.

Follow the three tips above to keep your septic system's drainage field in good shape this summer. Contact a septic professional, like Mr Bob, for more help.