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Learning About Alternative Energy Options

2 Things You Can Do To Keep Your New Septic System In Optimal Condition

by Nathaniel Pearson

Having a new septic system installed is a great way to increase your overall home value while ensuring the health and safety of everyone who is living in your household. Septic systems are private, convenient, and you get to maintain full control over their maintenance and performance. Once your new system is installed, it's important to take steps that will ensure optimal performance and minimize the need for repairs as time goes on. Here are two things you can do to keep your new septic system in optimal condition long term:

Get Yearly Inspections

One of the most important things you can do to keep your newly installed septic system in great condition throughout the years is have it inspected at least once a year. Your service provider will ensure that no cracks or leaks are present, and will tighten all connections and pipes that are associated with your septic system. Catching small problems before they become serious can save you a significant amount of money on repairs and will help to maximize your system's lifespan. In addition to yearly inspections, it's a good idea to have your septic tank pumped and cleaned about once every two years. Regular septic pumping will help you avoid wastewater accidents and system failures throughout the years.

Avoid Commercial Drain Cleaners

Commercial drain cleaners tend to corrode pipes, contaminate ground water, and put unwanted wear and tear on your septic system. It's best never to use commercial drain cleaners if possible – opt for preventative measures and homemade natural cleaners instead. Start by placing small pieces of wire mesh rings on all of your household drains. These mesh rings come in a variety of sizes to fit drains inside bathtubs as well as bathroom, kitchen, and utilities sinks. Then use a naturally derived drain cleaning product on a regular basis to minimize the chances of clogs building up within your plumbing and septic system.

Try mixing one part baking soda with one part vinegar and pouring it down your drains once a week. Alternatively, you can replace the vinegar with lemon juice to create homemade drain cleaner for a fresher smell in the kitchen or bathroom upon use.

By implementing these tips and tricks into your home maintenance plan, you should be able to minimize the wear and tear that is put on both your septic and plumbing systems, as well as save yourself some money on repairs and replacements long-term.

Look at websites on septic tanks for additional reading.