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Learning About Alternative Energy Options

Three Propane Storage Tips

by Nathaniel Pearson

Propane is commonly used to provide fuel for grills, heaters and torches. However, if you have only recently started using propane, you may not be sure of the best practices for storing it. Luckily, you can use the following few tips to help avoid some common mistakes.

Keep Portable Tanks In A Covered Area Outside

It is advisable to store your propane tanks outside to prevent accidental exposure to the fumes and fire hazards if there is a leak. However, you will want to make sure that you are storing your tank in a shaded area that is safe from the rain. If you store the tank in direct sunlight, it can become extremely hot, which may damage the seals in it, which can allow much of your propane to leak out. By building a simple roof over the area where you will be storing the tanks you can help keep them safe from direct sunlight and rain, you can minimize the risks of the seals being compromised or the tank developing corrosion.

Check The Storage Tank For Rust

Unfortunately, rust is a problem that you will likely encounter at some point or another. If it forms on the exterior of the tank, it can create holes that may allow propane to easily leak out. Depending on where the corrosion forms on the release valve, the propane may either leak out or become trapped inside the container. As a result, you will want to make sure to check portable propane tanks for corrosion each time you use them and permanent ones each couple of months. If you find it, you should have the tank examined by your propane provider to determine whether it needs to be replaced.

Have Permanent Storage Tanks Inspected On A Regular Basis

If you have opted to have either an above or below ground storage tank installed, you will want to make sure to have it professionally serviced every few years. During these visits, the professional will thoroughly test the system for leaks. Over time, the seals in these tanks will weaken, which can contribute to leaks forming. By regularly replacing the seals, it is possible for you to greatly reduce the risks of encountering this problem.

Storing propane does not have to be a difficult or complicated task. By making sure that you keep portable tanks in a covered area outside, inspect the tank for rust and have permanent tanks serviced on a regular schedule, you will be able to reduce the risks of encountering some common problems with your storage tank. To learn more, contact a company like Northwest Propane LLC