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Learning About Alternative Energy Options

Renting A Dumpster While Replacing Your Roof

by Nathaniel Pearson

Replacing your home's roofing materials can create a lot of disposable waste. In order to quickly and easily get rid of unwanted roofing materials, it can be beneficial to invest in a dumpster rental while your home's roof is being replaced.

Here are two tips you can use to ensure your rental experience is a positive one.

1. Calculate your disposal needs carefully before selecting a dumpster.

Ideally, you will rent a dumpster that is large enough to accommodate all your roofing waste in a single load. Determining how large your dumpster needs to be can be challenging, especially since roofing materials are measured in squares.

One roofing square is equal to 100 square feet of material. Ask your roofing contractor to provide you with your home's roof measurement, and multiply the number of squares by 100 to determine how many square feet of material you will need to dispose of. Be sure to take into account multiple layers if your home has more than one layer of shingles currently installed.

By adding up the amount of debris you expect to generate during your roof replacement, you will be able to accurately determine what size dumpster you need to accommodate your waste.

2. Ask about weight limits.

When you call for a price estimate on a dumpster rental, be sure that you ask about any weight limits associated with the rental. Some dumpster companies will only guarantee rental rates up to a certain weight, and overage fees will be charged for going over that specified weight limit.

Roofing materials can be very heavy, depending on the type of shingles that are currently installed on your home. Three-tab asphalt shingles (like those found on many homes throughout the country) can weigh up to 250 pounds per roofing square. Decorative architectural shingles weigh even more, averaging about 400 pounds per square. Multiplying the number of roofing squares your contractors will be removing by the average weight per square for your specific type of shingles will help you determine how much your roofing waste will weigh.

You can ask the dumpster rental company to provide you with a rental plan that is equipped to accommodate the total estimated weight of your roofing debris to avoid expensive overage fees.

Renting a dumpster to haul out old roofing materials is a great way to keep your property clean during a roof replacement. Be sure to calculate your unique size and weight requirements before renting to make the rental process as convenient as possible. For more information, contact Tri-State Disposal or a similar company.